Friday, January 6, 2012

Bunk Beds

After seeing a post on Pinterest, I coaxed my sweet hubby to create what I had seen. Supposedly it was cheap and easy. In my husband's opinion, it was neither, but he did it for his sweet baby girl! On Pinterest, there was a post on building bunk beds for American Girl dolls. Since Santa brought Brylee the Bitty Twins, we felt they needed beds. So thanks to Pinterest, we found plans. After several trips to Lowes and several mishaps, the beds were finally complete. I even made mattresses and pillows for the beds (I am trying to learn to sew on my new machine). I am pretty proud of the results and so is Brylee.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas at Mim & Pop's

We made it to Meridian right about lunch time, which was great because we always seem to miss eating with my family on Christmas. It was really nice to be there with my parents, my brother and his wife, and my sister. After eating and visiting, we headed to open more gifts. The kids again racked up. Buster, my parents' dog was right in the middle of everything, too.

When Brylee was opening gifts, she opened the Barbie townhouse. Little did she know, if was already put together in another room. When she peeked it the box, it was empty. Then my sister took her to where it really was! Notice the before and after photos!
Peeking inside and noticing the box is empty
The best part was not all the gifts, but spending time with loved ones! Merry Christmas!

Santa Came!

Brant woke up at 6:30! We all headed to the living room to see if Santa had come. He did alright! The kids definitely racked up - they got just what they asked Santa for, and more! We also had our annual breakfast with Nana & Grandaddy. After opening gifts, we loaded up and headed to Meridian to my parents's house.

Christmas Eve

We got ready for Santa by making cookies

Later that evening, we celebrated Christmas with Bryan's side family at his brothers. The kids got to open gifts before they ate. They were so excited and they racked up on some cool gifts.

After the gathering, we headed home to get in bed so Santa would come. Every year on Christmas Eve, Brant and Brylee sleep in our rooms. It was 11:30 before they finally went to bed!

A Fun Week

We had a lot of fun on Christmas break. We went to a new store downtown to paint ornaments with some friends,

went to visit cousins in Meridian and my granny in Laurel,

and went to see The Chipmunks in Chipwrecked.

Christmas Parties

Even though I didn't get to go to their Christmas parties, I had to post their pictures before going to their parties. Brylee looked so cute in her dress her Aunt Layla made and Brant in his grinch pjs (Aunt Layla also made) for his Polar Express party.

Happy 8th Birthday!

My little boy has now turned 8! Time just flies. He had the most awesome party. He had a video game truck party. The truck has 4 flat screen TVs with all the latest game consoles and games. Since it was a video game party, Brylee's sweet, talented teacher made him a Mario Brothers cake. It was super cute and super yummy! All the kids had a blast! Another special memory from this birthday was a special gift. Brant's Grandaddy fixed a gun that he received from his daddy when he was 8. It was so special! He had the best time at the party!